The bank robber mentality in success

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Random bored thoughts

When most of us were growing up, we wanted to excel in life: become famous, wealthy, influential or powerful. I wanted to be a bank robber! Don’t ask me why but I still think that would have been the coolest job if it was LEGAL.

Bank robbery is about impeccable planning, efficiency and consistency. Bank robbers stick to their profession. If a man has been robbing banks since the 80s, he will still be robbing banks to date and the only thing that stops him is old age, the pent or the bullet!

John Herbert Dillinger Junior is arguably the most notorious bank robber in the US having robbed two dozen banks with only one alleged homicide. And he was cool too. In the 1930s, banks were more secure and it required skill and patience to infiltrate one.

John Herbert Dillinger faces

Dillinger would organize elaborate rouses in order to access information about banks and scope out the lay of the land when planning a heist. Sometimes he would pose as a bank alarm salesman in order to gain access to the inner-workings of the bank. Sometimes he would pretend to be a movie director who was scoping out possible locations for an upcoming bank heist movie.

After he’d gained access to the bank and gathered all the necessary intel, he’d hit the bank with his posse and execute the entire robbery in a stunningly short amount of time. Speed was the name of his game, and he was good. Dillinger’s biggest haul came from his robbery of the Central National Bank in Indiana, where he made off with about $76,000 in cash.

But am not teaching you to be a bank robber: we all want to be successful in one way or the other and in my opinion, a bank robber mentality can deliver that success to us: a mentality that CONSISTENCY, PROPER PLANNING, PERFECTION and TIME are of uttermost importance when it comes to success in life.

You are successful as you think and you can be successful as you want to be as long as you keep the bank robber “virtues” in mind! Consistency is not doing the same thing for a long time; that’s monotony. Consistency is perfecting the same thing over time.

Like a bank robber, plan what you want to do, give it a time frame, check whether it’s worth the risk and resources and execute it decisively. All you need is to make a DECISION that you will do it no matter what and the rest of the pieces will fall in place. They say once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

Advisory: Robbing a bank is a crime that gets you locked up, maimed and locked up or shot dead!

  1. ronnie matmari says:

    wonderful ,but above all you need 2 guts, thats the most imp reguirment.

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